Benevolent Fund

The Ventura Fire Benevolent Fund is dedicated to the well-being of the fire department family; for recognition of the unique sacrifices that firefighters and their families selflessly make for the sake of all; and to honor those sacrifices. The central focus of the Foundation is assisting firefighters and their families in their times of greatest need, in transporting firefighters, family members and department personnel to and from medical institutions both for care and family support.

We also are dedicated to the comfort and support of the families of firefighters in their times of bereavement. Our immediate aim is to minimize the negative impact of injuries and fatalities that members of the fire family endure, by providing emotional and financial support when necessary. On a broader scale, we are dedicated to the good of the community in building awareness of the often-overlooked needs of the fire department family.

The Foundation is all-volunteer, entirely non-profit, and depends on donations of equipment, funds and service to carry out its mission. The Foundation also assists fire families in funeral details, tributes and memorials, to preserve the honor of their sacrifices. The Foundation also joins to support other organizations and endeavors in the broader community, in honor of all who serve in the same spirit.